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Food Safe – Understanding Countertop Finishes

Thank you for your inquiry regarding “food safe” finishes. Teragren’s worktops have a wide variety of applications. While there are many types of finishes, we primarily address two types. Mineral oil / Beeswax and Polyurethane.


Finish Comparison


The mineral oil beeswax finish is widely known to protect the core material by sealing it from the environment. It is also 100% food safe. This means that no residues will contaminate or have an adverse effect on food. When used as a cutting surface, polyurethane can become marred from repeated knife blade strikes. Polyurethane flakes result and could possibly transfer to the food being prepared on them. Mineral oil beeswax finishes require a higher level of maintenance to saturate  the material due to natural dissipation over time. This also fades away any  light scratches or blade marks. If your client is using these as a cutting surface


Polyurethanes require less maintenance. The type of maintenance is less critical and are easily cleaned with common maintenance products. There are many name brands of polyurethane finish. It is quite likely your fabricator has a favorite they use. We’ve heard reference to “Good Stuff” polyurethane finish spoken of by many. I’m including some information regarding that to assist you.


It would be greatly beneficial to know the application, use and function. The more we understand, the better advice we can offer. Sometimes the small details overlooked are the ones that make a good project great.