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Beautiful, Durable, Renewable Bamboo

Teragren Bamboo Timbergrass Forest | Optimum 5.5® Moso bamboo, a Teragren exclusive. | For our bamboo products, we specify only Teragren Optimum 5.5 Moso bamboo


Offering sustainable and versatile bamboo panels, veneers and countertops to meet a wide range of manufacturing needs, while also being environmentally friendly.

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Wright Collection - Pureform™ Solid Traditional Bamboo Floor, - Product by Teragren


More than just a floor covering, but a durable surface that can be lived on. Our products are Rated by Consumer Reports as a top performing hardwood floor.

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Java strand bamboo panels by Teragren Inc.


Products providing consistent performance characteristics and made from sustainably sourced materials meeting numerous environmental standards such as LEED.

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Bamboo Strand Countertops and Tabletops by Teragren Inc.


Teragren’s environmentally safe bamboo countertops and table tops surpass the industry-leading standards and provides a beautiful interior design choice.

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We are committed to manufacturing beautiful bamboo products that:

Reduce dependence on dwindling timber resources

Sustainably sourced including both TSCA VI Title Compliant and third party certified materials

Ranked #1 Rated Hardwood Flooring by a leading consumer magazine

Promote green building and LEED compatible

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