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Register your Tergaren floors and we will send you a

FREE bottle of TrueClean floor cleaner!

Product registration form must first be completed to receive a FREE bottle of TrueClean floor cleaner. Please fill out the online registration form. Once you submit the form, we will send you an email confirming you are human and your product registration. Look for the confirmation email in your inbox and click on the link confirming your request. You need to confirm your registration before we can ship you the cleaner.

Once we confirm your product purchase, we will send you a FREE bottle of cleaner in the mail. Please allow for to ten working days to receive your free cleaner from Teragren.


• If you do not receive your bottle of cleaner after two weeks, please email us or call.
• Limit one per customer and residence

Steps to receive a free bottle of cleaner.
1. Fill out the form.
2. Look for your confirmation thank you email.
3. Click on the confirmation link to confirm your request. If you don’t click on the confirmation link, we won’t receive your email.

Send us pictures of your Teragren floors to receive a

FREE Amazon Gift Card!

Amazon Gift Cards when you share your photos of a real Teragren floor, panels and veneers, countertops installation.