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Warranty FAQs

At Teragren Inc. we believe in making quality flooring products and that in choosing to use Teragren Bamboo for your home improvement project, we meet and exceed your expectations. We genuinely care about our customers and want to provide a well crafted product. In the unlikely event that you have warranty concerns, we ask that you first reach out to the retailer you purchased the flooring from. Your retailer will be responsible for addressing your concerns and presenting their professional findings to the right party on your behalf.

Important! We strongly recommend that you keep your original invoice, Teragren Installation Guide, and Teragren Maintenance and Warranty Guide in a safe place.

To learn more about our installation guidelines and to read our maintenance and warranty guide, please visit our installation and warranty information page.

What you need to know

5 steps you need to know before buying/installing your new Teragren Bamboo Floors:

1. Choose the right retailer and installer.

– Make sure they are in good standing with their community
– Read their reviews
– Get references
– Check out their craftsmanship by asking for installation photos of their prior projects

2. Be on site when your new floors arrive. Verify that they are the correct collection and color before they start the installation process.

3. Review our Installation Guide before they start the installation.

4. Read our Maintenance & Warranty guide. This guide explains how to maintain your new floors.

5. Register your floors with Teragren.

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Warranty Concerns

How do I get help about warranty concerns?

First, go back to your dealer. They will investigate your concerns.

Please include:

– The problems you’ve experienced
– Sales receipt including flooring style, footage, amount paid (excluding labor and cushion or underlayment), the installation date
– Any pictures you wish to include

The dealer will contact the right people on your behalf, if the situation warrants it.

Do I have any recourse if I do not agree with the findings?

You are welcome to get a second opinion by contracting an independent, certified flooring inspector. If the certified inspector finds a warranty-covered issue with the flooring, please submit a copy of the findings to your retailer to have your claim reevaluated.

Additional Information:

Teragren Inc. reserves the right to have the floor inspected by a designated representative and to authorize this representative to take samples for analysis. The representative will provide recommendations to the manufacturer in a timely fashion.

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Warranty FAQs | Teragren Bamboo