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Cleaning & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance: You can download our Care & Maintenance brochure here for standard cleaning guidelines.

Residue Cleanup – Polyurethane Finished Floors:

Use Trueclean® Wood, Bamboo & LVT Cleaner
These products are designed to clean and maintain the Aluminum Oxide Polyurethane Finish.

Do not use unauthorized maintenance Products: Such as oil soaps, paste wax, or other cleaners containing, lemon oil, citrus oils, Tung oils, ammonia, or cleaners containing silicone.

Do not use two in one cleaners that contain acrylics or urethane polish to restore gloss. Use of these products
invalidates the product warranty.

Regular Maintenance Dust Removal: Since Bamboo flooring has a factory applied polyurethane surface, dust and household allergens can be easily removed. However, grit and dust left on the floor long term can be abrasive to the finish.

Maintenance should include regular vacuuming with a canister vacuum and a oft brush attachment. The brush must be replaced periodically when the brush wears out.



Please read Teragren Inc’s warranty, maintenance instructions, and ALL of the guidelines before opening any packaging or beginning your flooring installation. The information is provided as a courtesy to our customers and is intended as an installation guideline only.

It is the sole responsibility of the installer/owner to determine if the job site’s sub-floor and environmental conditions are suitable for the installation of Teragren flooring and accessories. Teragren Inc. makes no warranty or guarantee of the quality of the chosen installer’s work or of a particular installation performed by the installer. Teragren Inc. disclaims all liability for any errors or improprieties in the installation of its products. Installation of any Teragren product serves as acceptance of that material.

See flooring adhesives and power nailer guidelines for products that are warranted to be compatible with Teragren Bamboo Flooring.

For an overview of which installation methods are approved for Teragren flooring lines, please reference our Product Comparison Chart.

Rugs and Rug Backers

We recommend the use of a rubber, honeycomb-type pad which has holes in it and will therefore allow the floor to “breathe”. Other good options include a 100% non-solvent based waffle type rubber, an untreated natural fiber such as wool or jute, or 1/4″ chopped urethane. Avoid rugs with sticky or tacky backers, solid rubber, PVC, and stiff pads with hard cleats or grippers on the bottom..

NOTE: Wood will change color over time due to sunlight, and the portion under the rug may change color as well. It is best to move the rug periodically to keep a more even color throughout the wood floor.

Scratch Repair

Polyurethane Finished Floors:

Scratches in the polyurethane finish show up white. To change the color of a scratch and blend it back in, use a product such as Zenith Almond Stick, or use mineral oil applied to a rag. This will not fill in the scratch, however; it will change the color and make it less noticeable.

For a deeper gouge, use RPM/Mohawk Fil Stiks. These are large wax crayons that fill voids and are a close match to Teragren’s colors. For ordering purposes through RPM, please use the information from this chart.

If neither of the above solutions works for you, it is time to consider plank replacement. Contact your original flooring installer, or find a flooring dealer through Teragren’s Locator to get a quote on replacing just the damaged flooring plank.

Preventing Future Scratches:

Frequent dust mopping will help remove grit that can scratch your floors.

Placing walk-off mats at entries will help to capture debris brought in on shoes from outside.

Keeping pet nails trimmed will also assist in keeping your floors looking beautiful.

Make sure to use felt “feet” on the bottom of any furniture that sits directly on your floor.

Refinishing Your Floor

Polyurethane Finished Floors:

If wear and tear have dulled the surface of your floor, then it is possible to use a sandless recoat system such as Bona Prep or Basic Coating TyKote to refresh the finish of the floor. This process is acceptable for all Teragren floors.

Considerations when installing a wood floor

Installation environment

Like any other hardwood, all Teragren flooring products include a structural and finish warranty when our products are installed into environments that maintain 35% – 55% relative humidity year-round, within a 60-80 degree Fahrenheit temperature range. If you feel confident that your installation can meet these requirements, then you should feel confident about installing a Teragren floor. Below are a few common scenarios that may need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for suitability:


If your bathroom is well ventilated, then going with a hardwood floor may be an option. If you choose to do so, we recommend the use of a “splash guard” – in the form of tile or stone – immediately outside of showers or bathtubs, or other areas that are likely to come in direct contact with water on a regular basis. If condensation often accumulates on the walls of your bathroom, then hardwood flooring may not be the best choice.

Hot Yoga Studios:

If your space is regularly seeing humidity levels above 55% or temperature above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, then hardwood flooring may not be the best choice for your installation.

Vacation Homes:

Homes that are closed up for an extended period of time often experience something known as the “Greenhouse Effect”. When houses or apartments are closed up with no airflow, sunlight through windows generates heat, which can then cause condensation and humidity to build up in the home. When people return and the heat or air conditioner is run, the indoor climate experiences a drastic swing. This cycle can cause swelling/shrinking in hardwood floors. As long as the indoor climate can be maintained within the 35% – 55% relative humidity range year-round, you should have a successful hardwood floor installation.


For any space that is below grade (lower than the ground surface outside), you must use a floating installation. If any portion of the subfloor is below grade, the whole floor is considered below grade. A floating floor works better in a basement because it is more tolerant of changes in relative humidity, and you can install it over a highly effective moisture barrier, such as 6 mil (0.006”) polyethylene plastic sheet.

Dry Climates (United States: Southwest, Northeast)

If you know that your environment is going to be outside of the recommended 35% – 55% relative humidity range, you may still choose to install a Teragren hardwood floor. If you do so, it is important to recognize that as a natural material the floor will expand and contract seasonally in response to the change in relative humidity. You can prepare for this in part by using proper base moldings and transitions to allow for the anticipated expansion and contraction. Download our enhanced care and maintenance flyer for more information.

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