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Vacuum Advice & Cleaning Suggestions



My friends have 3 versions of Dyson vacuums. So, I’m aware of what kind of vacuum they like and why. But, just so I am relaying more data than opinion, I did a quick google search seeking some reviews.


Here’s two links to these items. They are designed for wood floors amongst other uses. I would still recommend a damp cleaning with swiffer type disposable pads or reusable ones such as the Bona’s system. You can find that at the second link. The combination of the two should be able to handle anything you should run into.


Dyson V6 Absolute vs. Dyson V6 Motorhead


Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop


Some additional items regarding maintenance:

3 key things will always help lengthen the life of a floors finish;

  1. Vacuuming up grit that can act as an abrasive between feet and the floor.
  2. Putting felt pad protectors on the bottom of ALL furniture with legs or feet.
  3. Shifting furniture, area rugs once or twice a year, limits fading due to sunlight and moves your flow of traffic to balance the wear in more than one area.

Never use any cleaning agent with oils. Or have the words; orange, citrus or pine in the label. You will coat your floor with a substance that will irritate you for a long time after. And it will be nearly impossible to remedy fully.


If you have a cloudy film, use a cap of ammonia to a gallon of water and spray it on that section. A bottle of Windex may suffice as well. You just need a degreaser that will not leave a residue. If you’re uncertain about using anything in particular, call Teragren, Bona or google it real quick. You can avoid damage with can require hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair.


I hope this bit of information helps you.

Technical Manager