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Moisture and Teragren Bamboo-understanding MC and RH

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Teragren flooring and moisture.


Teragren bamboo flooring is factory acclimated to a moisture content of 7-9% which correlates to a relative humidity level of 35-55% at 80 degrees F. Like all hardwoods, exposing Teragren’s bamboo flooring to liquid water or to relative humidity levels higher than 60%, the liquid content of the flooring will rise.


Should the moisture content of the flooring exceed 18 percent, there is an opportunity for mold growth.  It is also possible for mold to grow on the surface of flooring. This occurs when organic contamination adheres to its surface which may itself retain water.  Additionally, in wet environments, it may be possible for water to work its way between planks and migrate underneath them.  Due to the density of some hardwood and bamboo flooring materials, this water accumulation may occur more rapidly than it can evaporate, causing the water content of the environment to rise above acceptable levels.  To address this, install moisture barriers before installing the floors. Doing so keeps condensation from migrating up into the flooring from the subfloor. Limit the amount of water that interacts with the surface.


I hope the above is helpful.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Technical Manager