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Why should I use felt pads? What if I get a scratch?

Q: How much difference is there in hardness?  Will a table chair with no cushon on the legs make a dent if a heavy person were sitting and then slid back.   Lynne

A: That’s not in my ability to answer. How heavy is a person? 150lbs? 350lbs? or more? Were they sliding level? Or did they lean back, creating higher pressure on part of the chairs feet? What are the feet made of? Have felt pads been placed on the bottom of the feet? Was there any sand or debris between the feet and the floor creating an abrasive?


Answer Explained


That’s a lot of things to have to understand to tell you yes or no…


It’s better if I tell you that those little inexpensive felt pads that stick or screw into your chairs are money savers! You must have them. The benefits outweigh the potential costs. You should also have a good supply of them and inspect them when you vacuum to ensure they are intact and free of debris. If so, change them. It costs pennies compared to the knot in your stomach from seeing a preventable scratch.


If felt ones don’t work for your chair style, search amazon for chair booties. The amount of creative solutions will surprise you.


But, if you do get a scratch, you can repair it with colored wax fill sticks, colored felt markers, and if that doesn’t solve it, you can have a professional installer cut out the entire plank with the damage and replace it. FYI… order enough material to store 1 or 2 cartons. Just in case. Store it in a dry place. Colors can and will vary slightly in the manufacturing process. If you had to replace a single plank, it would be better if it were from the same batch. That avoids any risk of having a sole plank stick out like a sore thumb.


FYI #2 – a plank replacement is usually $150-$200 by a reputable installer. Inexpensive vs. replacing an entire floor.
Technical Manager