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Divots, Dents and Mohawk Fil Stiks

Dear Consumer in regards to divots and dents,


Those Mohawk¬†Fil Stiks are oversized, glorified crayons essentially. It doesn’t take a professional to use them. They come around 5 inches long and should last in your utility drawer for multiple applications.


1. Firstly, remember to vacuum and clean out any particles within the divot or they will be sealed for eternity inside the divot.


2. Smear the Fil Stik into the divot until it fills the divot up. ( I sometimes heat the tip up with a lighter to make it easier)


3. use a plastic putty knife or credit card to remove any excess. There may be some smudges from residue that won’t clean off easy. But, they’ll go away after some foot traffic walks across the area.


Final Notes


There are lots of repair kits on the market. But, I find these last much longer. When coordinated well with the color of the floor, you will forget the divots were there. Chestnut has two colors and I’m currently awaiting inventory.¬†But, here are a couple links that will get you to the exact products needed.–Fil-Stik-Medium-Brown-Walnut


They run around $2.25 each stick. You should only require one of each color.

You can also find a pdf regarding divots in Teragrens Download section;



I hope this helps!

Technical Manager