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Bamboo has been used as a building material worldwide for generations. It offers a tensile strength greater than steel, withstands compression better than concrete, and is more resistant to moisture than hardwoods. These inherent qualities however can only be taken advantage of with a proper harvesting and manufacturing process. The quality of the product you receive depends entirely on the care taken by the manufacturer - and Teragren does it better than anyone.

With over 20 years of experience behind us, Teragren employs both raw material selection techniques and our fine-tuned manufacturing technology to create high-quality bamboo products that are harder and more stable for lasting performance.

“I had many samples of various woods and bamboo and I literally beat the daylights out of each. The Teragren bamboo was just as strong as the Brazilian hardwoods I was looking at, and just as pretty"
- Homeowner, Leah DeAngelis



beautiful bamboo


Floors provide the foundation for the style and design of a room, and so choosing just the right one is an important decision whether remodeling or in new construction. Our traditional PureForm ™ floors offer a classic “bamboo look” while our Xcora™ strand bamboo floors feature a hardwood look-alike grain pattern. With over 50 styles across 11 collections, you are sure to find that perfect fit for your project.




durable bamboo



Our Xcora™ strand bamboo is rated 160% harder than traditional oak and our PureForm™ collections
are 40% harder. Teragren's Portfolio flooring platform has been rated #1 not only among bamboo flooring,
but in the entire hardwood flooring category two years in a row by a leading consumer review publication.
Our Xcora™ engineered flooring options also ranked #1 in the engineered hardwood category in 2014.





renewable bamboo


The premium mountain grown Optimum 5.5 moso bamboo that is the only bamboo Teragren uses in all of our products is harvested every 5 and a half years. Each culm is selectively harvested by hand and carried out of the forest by foot. No machines or heavy equipment is used in order to preserve the integrity of the forest floor.

When harvested, the root system of the plant remains intact, helping to maintain the soil integrity of the forest. Within a year, a new shoot will emerge from the place where the bamboo culm was cut and will be ready to harvest again in another 5 and a half years, which qualifies bamboo as a “rapidly renewable” material. Because bamboo forests are a particularly effective carbon sink, Teragren products that arrive at your home or business are carbon negative, even after all transportation has been accounted for.

Considering that Teragren’s Xcora® strand bamboo is 160% harder than oak, which takes on average 60 years
to mature before harvest, choosing a rapidly renewable material like bamboo allows us to meet the building product needs of the North American market with the smallest possible environmental impact.