Manufacturing Process

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Teragren Manufacturing Headquarters

Our most important ally in our efforts to make quality bamboo products responsibly is the single factory group with which we have worked for more than a decade. Headquartered in the Zhejiang province of China, our partner maintains our strict, environmentally conscious standards day in and day out.

Consisting of over one million square feet of production space, our factory headquarters employs approximately 500 people.

Moso Bamboo Forest
Moso bamboo grows up to 80 feet tall in the Zhejiang Province of China. There are over 1200 types of bamboo; however, Moso produces the best fiber for flooring.

Sustainably Harvested
Sustainably Harvested

Teragren's Optimum 5.5® Moso bamboo is
harvested sustainably at maturity between 5-1/2
and 6 years to ensure consistency in hardness,
stability and clarity of color. Cutting at the right
time also ensures a healthy plant. The culms must be treated within two days of delivery to the factory or mold and mildew may set in.

Healthy Plants
By harvesting sustainably at maturity, we avoid product performance problems like cupping and warping
associated with young, soft and often inexpensive bamboo that is harvested too soon. As a result,
Teragren products are exceptionally durable and our source plants remain vigorous and healthy harvest
after harvest.

Harvested Culms
Harvested Bamboo Culms

The culms are delivered to the factory and sorted
for quality, then cut into manageable lengths for

The culms are planed to create one-inch square slats.

Sorting Slats
Sorting the Slats

The slats are cored, planed, and then sorted for the highest quality and consistent coloration.

The slats are placed in a natural borate solution to eliminate pests and mildew within two days after
delivery from the forest; also sets color.


Autoclaves produce pressurized steam heat which darken or caramelize the sugar compounds within the natural bamboo slats, thus the term
"caramelized" bamboo.

State-of-the-art Italian Drying Kilns
Slats are kiln-dried to achieve a delivered moisturecontent between 7% and 9% every time. This critical
step eliminates potential cupping and warping issues later in the final product.

Hydraulic Presses
Hydraulic Presses

Once the manufacturing adhesive is applied to each slat, they are inserted into hydraulic presses; pressure is applied top to bottom and from side to side to ensure the adhesive bonds correctly to eliminate voids and delamination.

Moisture Balancing Warehouse
Unmilled flooring blanks are stored in a humidity-controlled warehouse for 2 weeks to achieve 7% to
9% delivered moisture content. Some competitors may leave them in rooms open to the outside air for
only 24 hours, which creates less stable flooring products.

Homag Equipment

Products are then milled into flooring; the German Homag machine (left) is used to apply the Välinge-patented self-locking system onto our
Portfolio, Studio and Synergy® wide-plank products.

Dust Collectors
An example of our commitment to environmentally safe manufacturing, these dust collectors capture the bamboo particles.

Factory Finish Line
Factory Finish Line

A 7-pass finish line applies a proprietary water-based, solvent-free finish Signature Colors topical stains (Espresso, Cherry, Charcoal + Walnut) are applied here. Some factories use only a 1-3 pass
system with no aluminum

Environmentally Conscious Packaging
Our packaging consists of 70% recycled content cardboard; recyclable slip-sheets between planks to protect the finish; LDPE4 recyclable plastic around cartons; All packaging and inks comply with California's 2006 Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act.

Creating Energy
Creating Energy

Bamboo sawdust is used to fuel the boilers
creating energy for the factory's presses and
kilns and to heat the workshops. No part of the
bamboo culm is wasted during the
manufacturing process.

Rejected Bamboo Culms
Once the harvested culms have been sorted for quality, they are shipped to other factories in the area for use in other bamboo products.

Strand Factory
Teragren® Portfolio and Synergy®
Strand Factory

Built exclusively to manufacture Teragren's
strand bamboo products, this factory is located
in Longyou where the materials are sourced.

Bamboo Strands
Traditional bamboo slats are shredded into strands for compressing under extreme pressure to form
high density panels.

Planing Slats
Planing Slats

Slats are sliced by this machinery to form the
strands which are bundled and inserted into
drying ovens.

Strand Prep Area
These strand bundles are placed in molds with a metal sheet on top and bottom and placed into the hot

Hot Presses
State-of-Art Hot Press

Teragren's Xcora™ technology is the very best in
strand bamboo product engineering. It includes
our state-of-the-art hot press equipment and
proprietary formulas. As a result, Teragren's
Portfolio and Synergy® products are 160
percent harder than red oak.

The strands are placed parallel to each other and
inserted into a mold with a proprietary
phenol-based resin.

30 panels are produced each time.

Hot Press -Strand Blanks
These 35mm thick panels are then milled into Teragren's Portfolio and Synergy Strand Bamboo Flooring
with Xcora™ technology or Teragren 4'x 6' strand bamboo panels.

Strand Blanks
Strand Blank Cutting

Blanks are cut and shipped to Teragren's Main
Factory in Anji for finishing and packaging.

Bamboo Strands
Traditional bamboo slats are shredded into strands for compressing under extreme pressure to form
high density panels.