Teragren Hardwax Oil Floors

What to know


The Visions and Vantage II hardwax oil flooring collections from Teragren are beautiful, durable, and require no more maintenance than a traditional pre-finished hardwood floor. The concept of oiled floors is inspired by timeless European fashions. Todayís hardwax oil floors from Teragren draw on this iconic old-world and open-grain look, while combining it with fashion forward colors and trending textures.



    Teragrenís hardwax oil finish molecularly bonds directly to the top fibers of the wood flooring plank. The oil seals the surface and leaves a matte finish that offers a strong protective coating, highlighting the natural fiber and open grain of the floor.


      Will NOT crack • Will NOT flake • Will NOT peel • Will NOT blister



      • Wine

      • Cola

      • Water

      • Tea

      • Olive Oil



      Teragrenís in-house product performance and testing lab has determined that our hardwax-oil finished floors often mitigate common challenges (such as surface checking) users may experience with natural flooring choices in more extreme climates. The hardwax oil finish allows air and moisture to pass through the surface of the plank, enabling the floor to ďbreatheĒ and naturally expand and contract with normal seasonal relative humidity changes. Even if checking does occur in low RH environments, the hardwax oil finish itself will not crack and the visual and textural nature of the checking can be minimized with normal maintenance.


      For further information, download our enhanced care guidelines for dry climates, here.



    With standard cleaning and maintenance, a Teragren hadwax oil floor will never need to be sanded or re-finished. Any dents or scratches to the floor can be spot repaired with the use of color-matched touch-up oil, and walked on within 1-2 hours after the repair. Wear patterns from foot traffic can be easily refurbished as part of an ongoing maintenance program with minimal disruption to the household or business.


    • For Regular Surface Care:

      Mop with Rubio Monocoat Soap, diluted with water


      Every 1-3 Years:

      Use Rubio Refresh Spray to broadly revitalize your flooring’s surface. Ready to walk on 4-6 hours after treatment.


      Every 4-6 Years:

      Use Rubio Maintenance Oil to repair, protect and restore your floor.

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    Rubio is a natural oil finish made from rapidly renewable Flax and Carnauba plants ó meaning no VOCís, thereby contributing to a healthy indoor air environment. Teragren products coated with Rubio oils are certified to the CA01350 standard for VOC emissions.



      Because of the great durability and easy maintenance, many highly trafficked public spaces have chosen a Rubio hardwax-oil finish:


      • Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam

      • W Hotel, Dallas

      • Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore

      • Google offices all over the world