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HGTV'd with Teragren

HGTV’d with Teragren

HGTV’s Antonio Ballatore uses Teragren’s Portfolio Midnight Black strand bamboo flooring as the foundation when he turn’s the Marshall family’s outdated basement into a high tech, high octane family game room. Inspired by rock and roll and classic 80′s arcade themes, Antonio rips out the Marshall’s shabby decor, old fireplace and bulky closet to expand...
New Life for Old Flooring

New Life for Old Flooring

Before your new bamboo flooring goes in it may be necessary to remove your existing wood floor. With just a little bit of time and care the old flooring can be removed in such a manner that it can be given a new life in another home. Whether you are doing the work yourself or...
Down is Up - Bamboo Flooring for Wall Treatments

Down is Up – Bamboo Flooring for Wall Treatments

In the last year we have seen our strand bamboo panels used as wall treatments on diy Network’s House Crashers – Kitchen Blow Up and Bathtastic – Mod Makeover. Having seen our flooring products used as wall treatments  so many times over the years we thought it was time for us to do one of...
Rescue Renovation - Synergy

Rescue Renovation – Synergy

DIY Network’s Rescue Renovation installs Teragren’s Synergy® Java wide-plank flooring as a decorative border around slate tiles in the loft of Ken Walker’s house. Ken built his house ten years ago to his own specifications. Now his girlfriend, Michelle, is ready to move in but the house is not designed for two people to live in. This...
Understanding Bamboo Grains

Understanding Bamboo Grains

With bamboo becoming the go-to material for sustainable design there can still be a great deal of confusion in understanding all of the terminology used to describe grains and colors. Unlike the hardwood industry there are no defined rules for grading and naming bamboo. Though there are many disparities in the many manufacturing processes being...
From Forest to Floor - Our Manufacturing Process

From Forest to Floor – Our Manufacturing Process

Carter Oosterhouse, of HGTV’s Red Hot & Green, video blogs about one of his favorite materials – bamboo. In this episode Carter narrates a tour of our factory and explains how bamboo goes from forest to floor. Learn how Teragren bamboo is harvested, milled and manufactured into flooring, panels and worktops that are more durable and sustainable than...