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Down is Up - Bamboo Flooring for Wall Treatments

Down is Up – Bamboo Flooring for Wall Treatments

In the last year we have seen our strand bamboo panels used as wall treatments on diy Network’s House Crashers – Kitchen Blow Up and Bathtastic – Mod Makeover. Having seen our flooring products used as wall treatments  so many times over the years we thought it was time for us to do one of...
From Forest to Floor - Our Manufacturing Process

From Forest to Floor – Our Manufacturing Process

Carter Oosterhouse, of HGTV’s Red Hot & Green, video blogs about one of his favorite materials – bamboo. In this episode Carter narrates a tour of our factory and explains how bamboo goes from forest to floor. Learn how Teragren bamboo is harvested, milled and manufactured into flooring, panels and worktops that are more durable and sustainable than...
Designed and Built in Seattle

Designed and Built in Seattle

At our headquarters on Bainbridge Island, WA, just a short ferry trip from Seattle, work on our new website has wrapped up and the site launched over the weekend. The new is organized around six core topic areas, enabling users to quickly and more easily find needed resources. A simple, intuitive navigation system directs users...
Fun Facts about Bamboo

Fun Facts about Bamboo

For centuries, Asian cultures have relied on bamboo for sustenance, shelter and as a material for products ranging from furniture to musical instruments. Now, in an age of heightened awareness about dwindling resources and climate change, bamboo has become a shining star of sustainability in Western cultures, as well.   As a durable, versatile and...
3 Steps to Caring for your Bamboo Countertop

3 Steps to Caring for your Bamboo Countertop

Bamboo countertops are more popular than ever today with the trend toward more organic and eco-friendly products for the workplace or home. Here are a few tips to maintain that brand new look for a lifetime.   1.  Cleaning your bamboo countertop Unlike other hardwoods, bamboo absorbs very little moisture and consequently does not shrink or swell...

Green Kitchen Countertop Trends

While simplicity and easy care remain hot trends in kitchen design, today’s more popular countertop options are eco-friendly and durable. Retail prices can range from $40 per square foot for bamboo countertops up to $80-$120 for marble and cement. Eco-consciousness consumers are demanding more choices and they’re willing to pay slightly more for them. Mixing and matching materials provides increased...