In the last year we have seen our strand bamboo panels used as wall treatments on diy Network’s House Crashers – Kitchen Blow Up and Bathtastic – Mod Makeover. Having seen our flooring products used as wall treatments  so many times over the years we thought it was time for us to do one of these projects ourselves.

Teragren Strand Bamboo Wall Treatments

We used our prefinished Signature Naturals flooring, which comes in boxes of four precise lengths. This assortment of lengths combined with various sizes of starter pieces that we cut made quick work out of staggering the butt-joints throughout the wall.

In our case we simply applied the flooring over the existing drywall using construction adhesive and brad nails to hold the pieces in place while the adhesive cured.

Tools required:

Miter saw, brad nailer, air compressor, hammer, nail set, construction adhesive, table saw or jig saw, level, tape measure, and pencil.


Open several boxes of flooring and sort for color. It’s important to work with the natural variations in color to have a consistent look throughout the wall.

Starting in a corner of the room use a level to check the walls for plumb.

Use a six-foot plank to start the first row. This will make it easier to plumb and help ensure all subsequent planks remain plumb.

Apply two beads of adhesive on the back of the plank. Set the plank on the floor and against the adjacent wall at the same time being careful not to smear the adhesive.

Using a level check that the first plank is plumb and nail at an angle through the tongue on the plank.

Measure from the top of the plank to the ceiling, cut the next piece to fit and attach to the wall as you did with the first plank.

Continue this process being sure to stagger the butt-joints as shown in the image below.

Work your way across the wall until you reach the end and scribe the last row to fit tightly to the adjacent wall.

Teragren Signature Naturals Bamboo Wall Treatment

This was a simple project that took only a few tools and can easily be completed in just a weekend.

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